Customer Experience Survey for Retail

Quality of your surveys configuration can get you quality response, in turn increasing the quality of retail service that you offer to your customers. You can easily customize the templates and add your own questions to the survey. The Customer Experience Management survey enables to follow the customer sentiment as you can analyze customer preferences in retail environment.


Customer Experience Analytics for Loyalty Programs and Customer Retention

The Customer Experience Management survey enables to follow the customer sentiment as the customer comes to a retailing environment with perceptions about customer satisfaction. Retail establishment has accomplished knows their customer through loyalty programs, transactions and customer experience survey feedbacks. CHI® Express integrated with Haapi framework allows to measure retail industry loyalty program effectiveness. Aligned to KPIs with the business objectives as they are used in retail process quality or retail service quality benchmarking for your retail chain. The modern retail industry customer experience, technology and shopping go hand-in-hand.

Enhance and Monitor in-store Customer Experience

The customer experience survey covers every interaction, or touch point, that a customer has with retail store, and the customers will sense retail technology and better customer service experience. Today's customer is smarter and better informed than ever before, and smart retailers take advantage of this by empowering those customers to experience assisted selling devices and give power to the people, right in the store level. Retail technology experienced providers are planning to feature an interactive customer experience surveys at the stores across the chain and with the help of CHI® Express dashboard and Haapi framework measure the customer experience improvement.


Consumers like quick check-out options when it comes to shopping.


Customer experience survey monitoring solution with your retail system.


Interactive digital signage provides a seamless customer experience.


Actionable Loyalty Program Intelligence linked with Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Loyalty Program Engagement with Customer Experience Surveys

Loyalty program metrics allows measurements strategy enables you to accurately understand membership expectations and lets you see where it needs more attention from the perspective of your customer satisfaction. In an era of increased mobility, consumers expect access to products and services more automated and seamless manner. The automation need creates new opportunities for consumers require the highest level of convenience. CHI® Express dashboard and Haapi framework kiosks and mobile enabled customer happiness captures are implemented with your retail chain and customer eco-system. Haapi provides the technology and services required to maintain an automated customer experience survey monitoring solution with a small-footprint on your existing retail solution. Derive comprehensive customer experience benchmarks that excels your retail customer experience ranks against competitors.


Loyalty program customer participation improves your quality of service.


Loyalty program benefits are visible with high customer engagement.


Benefits are aligned to understand why customer engage with your loyalty program.


Loyalty program measurement strategy enables you to accurately understand membership expectations.


Member sentiments are transformed into loyalty program effectiveness.


Business intelligence survey reports provide tools for drilling deeper into your member data with intuitive visualizations.