Increase Customer Satisfaction Survey Response Rate

For conducting multiple customer experience surveys, you may want to survey only a segment of your customers and may not survey your customers more than once every three months to avoid survey fatigue. CHI® Express online customer experience survey helps to improve and manage customer survey frequency and effectiveness.

Public Utility

Customer Satisfaction Survey Analytics & Dashboards

Public Utility Companies can drive optimum customer satisfaction survey and generate loyalty higher by targeting a level of satisfaction that optimizes a public utilities long-term goals, social responsibility and corporate sustainability as well. Marketing research surveys on public utility services can assist to achieve this goal by quantifying how customers’ experiences and perceptions of brands, which lead to the effective understanding of customer experience dimensions in public utility services. Customer Satisfaction Survey Analytics & Dashboards can be helpful to managers in crafting and executing strategies that have the most positive effect on customer satisfaction survey and long term customer satisfaction.


Most of the survey respondents like language and preferences and personalized communications.


Brand Equity is determined by brand awareness, perceived quality, and brand loyalty surveys.


Survey feedback helps to building loyalty programs, to know what customers really want from your brand


Market Share, Market Size, and Forecasts are built from and tied to actual survey data, and projected forecasts

Passenger Satisfaction & Benchmarking of Performance Standards

The Customer Experience Management survey enables to follow the customer sentiment as the customer comes to a public utility service environment like in railways service. CHI® Express integrated with Haapi framework allows to measure railway industry customer satisfaction index through effective surveys. These indicators help to measure the effectiveness aligned to Key Performance Indicators of railways industry with following objectives. Customer Happiness Analysis API performs a detailed customer satisfaction analysis on customer survey feedbacks received through SMS, Email, Mobile application or kiosks.

Review Survey

Facilities provided to the passengers on ticket booking to the on-board travel experience.


Optimize passenger satisfaction and facilities provided were adequate.


To know the priority areas so that these can be strengthened to optimize passenger satisfaction.


Overall travel experience of the passengers and their perception of the organization.

Customer Satisfaction Index drives Customer Loyalty

Analysis of customer survey feedbacks result over a long time period, and using statistical methods, allows us to determine which aspects of service have the most effect on overall satisfaction through CHI® Express dashboard. The various aspects that contribute to the customer rating of overall satisfaction are called the primary, secondary and tertiary drivers of satisfaction depending on how important they are and these ratings can be derived through Haapi framework to determine the underlying factors that summarize and explain the correlations among the many brand, product, and service perceptions of category customers for following attributes for railways services.

Services continuity

Trains running on time & Frequency of scheduled services.

Personal Safety & Security

Security on trains during the day Security at stations.

Space & Comfort

Seating comfort with cleanliness in trains and stations.


Information about service alterations and cancellation / delays.