Patient Experience & Satisfaction Matters

To help healthcare organizations assess their overall patient satisfaction and patient safety CHI® Express solutions and Haapi framework created a series of business intelligence survey reports to measure customer satisfaction. Patient safety indicators and compliance to HIPAA controls patient and medical care confidentiality and by leveraging technology that combines online monitoring of patient satisfaction surveys.


Improving patient satisfaction survey scores

Patient satisfaction survey will often times be tied to your level of communication. By implementing Haapi framework and CHI® Express solutions hospital management can see strong points and weak spots in patient management service. Patient and patient party survey feedbacks are gathered online, SMS feedbacks combined with feedback cards and front desk logs. These information, used collectively and extremely training sessions, and at the management level for implementing policy and increasing patient satisfaction. By leveraging technology that combines online survey monitoring of patient satisfaction enables a dramatic improvement in handoff efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Value of Patient Experience Survey in Healthcare

Customer experience management and business intelligence solution is designed to give you access to patient and patient party survey data real-time and to understand the customer experience issues at hand and create a leadership-driven, collaborative approach to addressing them. CHI® Express Customer Experience Management solutions transformed the power of real-time survey feedbacks to build the optimum service delivery framework catering to leaders in healthcare industry.


Combines efficient operations & online monitoring of patient satisfaction.


Administrative, physical and technical safeguards consistent with HIPAA requirements.


Sensitive patient health information as per HIPAA Compliance.

Patient safety

Address patient safety concerns with operations and procedures.

Measure and act on customer happiness index

Haapi framework and CHI® Express interacts with self-service integrated with smart devices to deliver an efficient, service delivery platform for healthcare industry. Haapi framework has pioneered the development of integrated Customer Experience Management framework and applications, catering to leaders in healthcare and several other industries, including retail, banking, hospitality, education and public utility services. Immediate notification of urgent healthcare customer satisfaction survey responses-In addition to daily or periodic survey reports, you will receive prompt notification if any of the following urgent needs are mentioned:


Discharge Planning Due to Dissatisfaction.


Risk & Pain Management Issues.


Procedures, Medicine, Medication Issues.

Patient Care

Nursing & Attention Issues.


Post-operative complication issues.


Indoor & outdoor medical care quality issues.