Customer Experience Survey Analytics for Hotels

The understanding of customer experience dimensions in hotel and hospitality industry can be helpful to managers in crafting and executing strategies that have the most positive effect on customer satisfaction and long term retention. The Customer Experience Management survey enables to follow the customer sentiment as the customer comes to a hospitality environment.


Improve Online Reservation Experience in hospitality

Customer experience management survey incorporates hospitality and customer touch points that includes website and online application interfaces like reservation, cancellation, and amendments and direct interactions as well. Customer satisfaction survey extends beyond the human interaction as customer satisfaction is affected by your digital online presence through online reservation system through your website. Many industry studies show that the overwhelming majority of travelers make their hotel selections and over more than half of them end up booking online and that most of them prefer to book directly at the website of the hotel if they can get the best price and a trustworthy experience. If you measure these customer experience survey feedbacks on online hotel reservation system with the fact that online bookings are the only growth market in hospitality, you quickly need to address online reservation system offerings to capitalize on the online opportunity.

How to boost Customer Satisfaction in Hotels, Resorts & Casinos

Haapi framework integrated with CHI® Express enables you to translate most influential business objectives to measure customer experience in online reservation system and capture customer experience survey data through Haapi framework in following areas like: Ease of reservations, Check-in process, Room cleanliness and comfort, Food services, In-room entertainment options, Amenities available, In-room Internet service, Staff courtesy, Loyalty programs effectiveness, Call Center responsiveness, user experience in website and online reservations and overall ambiance. These valuable survey feedback allow you to drill down to real-time survey data capture as aligned with a successful BI program. Haapi allows to define actions and measures and link to KPIs aligned with the business objectives and service quality benchmarking.


Adopted customer experience scale and examined its effect on customer satisfaction.


Customer experience monitoring affected by brand loyalty and past experience.


Different touch points during customer interaction with the hotel brand.


Effective Loyalty Program linked with Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality.

Relationships between CX dimensions and customer satisfaction

Customer experience survey incorporates service quality definition along with the objective to refine static measurement of service quality in hospitality industry. In an era of increased mobility, consumers expect access to products and services more through online and mobile interfaces. The automation need creates new opportunities for consumers require the highest level of convenience. CHI® Express dashboard and Haapi framework kiosks and mobile enabled customer happiness captures are implemented with your hotel or restaurant chain and allow customers to interact by real-time online surveys. Haapi empowers you with the technology and services required to implement an automated customer experience survey monitoring.


Customer confidence increases based on your quality of service and loyalty program.


Loyalty program benefits are visible with enhanced customer engagement and survey participation.


Benefits are aligned to understand why customer engage with your loyalty program.


Loyalty program measurement strategy enables you to understand membership expectations.


Member sentiments are transformed into loyalty program effectiveness.


Business intelligence reports provides tools for drilling deeper into your survey feedback.