Improve SCM customer satisfaction

CHI® Express CEM solution help to discover insights and trends that can be used to improve customer service for supply chain process. It helps to understand insights of customer experience survey feedbacks about the supply chain operators and also capture needs and expectations of customers. This CEM tool allows to develop or refine products and services that are both compelling to customers and distinct from competitors.

Supply Chain

Customer Experience Surveys in SCM

Developing a cloud-computing based CEM solution integrated supply chain network that provides better visibility and transparency to customers. In logistics and inventory management it’s increasingly important to notify and communicate customer in every stage of supply chain management. The more consumers prefer e-commerce channels to research and purchase products, the more effective companies need to be at ensuring fast and accurate delivery of goods to end customers or supply chain operators. The B2B and B2C retailers recently creating multi-channel supply chains to improve customer satisfaction. Consumers enjoy the convenience of being able to rely on mobile, social and online service channels for their transactions, which is generating scope to capture customer expectation and experiences through the omni-channel survey experience. The customer experience is transformed into brand loyalty, which requires SCM operators to analyze and combine these experiences into comprehensive service delivery strategy.


CEM helps to boost customer satisfaction focus and improving your Supply Chain Management policy.


The role of customer service acts as a strategic integrator for differentiated supply chain management.


Develop a supply-chain-wide Customer Experience Survey strategy for successful supply-chain management.


CEM integrated with supply chain helps decision making with clear view of the flow of products, services and information.

Comprehensive CEM Processes for Supply Chain

Supply chain management process depends largely on the communication between buyers and sellers and continuous customer engagement. The CHI® Express CEM solution creates a true omni-channel view of each customer experience in SCM. From online reviews to structured surveys, to open-ended comments and customer voice as feedback, allowing customers to share stories which solicit high response rates and rich, accurate customer experience data. Once customer stories are collected and actionable insights surfaced, the CHI® Express CX dashboards help to compare the improvements in Voice of Customer, Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, and Social Advocacy in SCM process. CHI® Express CEM solution helps to share brand, business, and relationship-building information inside your organization.

Customer Satisfaction Survey and Loyalty in SCM

Communications services brings SCM operators closer to their customers using digital customer relationship management that focuses on CX throughout the SCM process.

Centralized Customer Satisfaction Survey Data

Paradigm shift for CEM integrated with CRM through centralized customer satisfaction survey data. Real-time customer experience feeds are the future differentiator for SCM providers.

Digital Experience Transition

Online transaction and updates through email, SMS or websites is the starting point of digital customer experience to establish contact between the brand and customer.

Omni-channel Experience

Our CX survey solution empowers SCM companies with more actionable data, and make the feedback process a more engaging, positive experience for customers.