Satisfaction Survey Aligned To Loyalty Programs

The air transport industry plays a vital role in the work and leisure of millions of people and promotes an improved quality of life and helps to improve travel standards. Even though air transport has contributed to the enhancement of tourism, it has also contributed towards substantial economic growth for many economies. CHI® Express analytics solutions have been designed to implement Customer Experience Management Survey for airlines industry.


Benefits of Scheduled Customer Experience Surveys

CHI® Express provides simple online interfaces to configure and schedule customer experience surveys integrated with your Airlines CRM system. Integration of customer experience management surveys with your Airlines CRM or ERP system will allow you to measure customer experience pattern in real-time. Transform your existing solutions with integrated customer experience survey communications and the power of transactional surveys integrated through Airlines CRM system. Managing the performance of your CRM and connect with your customers just got easier by IT enabled survey that captures customer feedbacks by digital channels. The CHI® Express real-time customer experience management solution helps to provide 360-degree view of your complete customer satisfaction. The effectiveness of CHI® Express Customer Experience Management is derived by different survey attributes like price experience, promotion experience or loyalty program effectiveness. CHI® Express analytics solutions have been designed to implement Customer Experience Management for airlines industry, the customer satisfaction survey objective and measure wise business intelligence survey reporting abilities help you to monitor the parameters of customer satisfaction of business or travelers on following factors.


Capture schedule customer experience surveys feedbacks about flight schedules integrated with your Airlines CRM system.


Get schedule airlines passenger online or offline booking experience surveys feedbacks integrated with your Airlines Booking system.


Get airlines passenger experience surveys feedbacks on customer service quality integrated with your Airlines CRM system.


Capture schedule customer experience surveys feedbacks about boarding speed integrated with your Airlines CRM and boarding system.

Business travelers’ satisfaction is aligned to loyalty programs.

Customer Experience survey benchmarks and measures are monitored through CHI® Express. You can receive many amazing parameters of customer satisfaction survey of business or leisure travelers. Airline business cares about business traveler’s satisfaction in leisure travel for the quality of in-flight services, like food, beverages, entertainment, or Wi-Fi. Business travelers used to give airlines higher preferences for the quality of loyalty programs and even the courtesy and helpfulness of the flight crew, suggesting that airlines look into satisfaction of their preferred customers. The Customer Experience Management survey enables you to follow the customer sentiment, CHI® Express dashboards allow you to review the real-life customer experience survey feedbacks and Haapi framework collects these feedbacks from customers through multiple touch-points as below:

Check-in process

Waiting time, Check-in efficiency, Staff enthusiasm and Resolving issues.

Boarding procedure

Boarding gate efficiency, Priority boarding, Boarding assistance and Baggage policy.

Cabin staff performance

Communication skills, Cabin service efficiency, Cabin presence throughout flight, Staff attitude towards passenger needs.

Cabin ambiance

On board food and drinks, Seating comfort, Cleanliness of cabin & seats and Value for money.