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We value your suggestions about workplace safety for COVID-19

Dear Sumit Mitra,

We hope you and your loved ones are safe. As you are aware, all our workplaces are closed and about to re-open as per Government Guidelnes. As we think about life after the lock down, our team is putting together a large set of actions to ensure your safety in our workplaces and offices. These actions will be directed towards ensuring customer safety, employee safety and overall workplace safety. Kindly help us serve you better to offering us suggestions to prepare us better to welcome you back into workplace, post the lockdown.

1. Do you have any recommendations on safety/hygiene measures that should be adopted at workplace?

2. What are your main concern while attending the office?

3. What type of modifications can be of some benefit for you after lockdown period is over?

4. Which all of the measures you think that need to be adopted from a safety /Hygienic standpoint? Please tick the points you feel relevant suggest more.

5. How do you rate your workplace from a safety /Hygienic standpoint?

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